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  • Apr 05 News of Dimogroup LTD
    Good Friday and Easter Monday in UK 2018
    Dear customers, Due to Banking Holiday in the UK on Friday (March 30) and Monday ( April 2), all withdrawal requests and transfers will processed next day Tuesday ( April...
  • Mar 16 News of Dimogroup LTD
    We have Russian support now
    Dear Valid cusmores, Starting from today we will be able to provide support by email, phone and live chat in Russian language. Thank you for doing business with us an...
  • Feb 20 News of dimogroup.net
    Over 900 of our clients made new investments from November 28, 2014 till January
    Dear Valid customers, We want to inform you that Over 900 of our clients made new investments from November 28, 2014 till January 1, 2015 with special bonuses. We want...
  • Nov 28 News of dimogroup.net
    Special bonus for all new deposits till January 1, 2015
    Dear Valid customers, The New Year and Christmas are coming soon and the best present which we can give you from our side is stable profits and wellness for all of you...
  • May 21 News of dimogroup.net
    Presentation video has been updated
    Dear valid customers, We have updated our dimogroup.net video presentation. Some of our clients told us that they are not able to play our presentation video which th...

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Q : What is a Hyip?
A :

HYIP stands for “High Yield Investment Program” and is a high-risk way of investing money. The interest rates are extremely high compared to most other kinds of investments.

Q : How high are the interest rates that High Yield Investment Programs offer?
A :

Very much and range anywhere from 5 – 250% per month. The higher the interest rate the higher the risks.

Q : Are you a HYIP?
A :

No, absolutely not. We are an independent website which focus on giving an objective picture of the hyip arena and guidance on how to successfully invest in Hyips.

Q : Are High Yield Investment Programs reliable?
A :

 High Yield also means high risk. This is the case not only in the Hyip arena. You never know when a Hyip goes out of business. A good rule of thumb is never to invest more than you could afford to lose. However, there are certain things you can do to reduce the risks. Follow our investment guidelines in our advice section and you will be able to invest more safely.

Q : Is there a safe way to invest in High Yield Investment Programs?
A :

No, but reading our advice section will help you reduce the risks.

Q : How does the actual funding process work?
A :

Most High Yield Investment Programs use different e-currencies that enables the investors to quickly invest their money online. Read more about e-currencies in our e-currencies section.

Q : Do you recommend specific programs to invest in?
A :

No, but on our Premium Listing we list the High Yield Investment programs that we’ve had a good experience with during a longer period of time. We take no responsibility for what programs you decide to invest in.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with any of the investment programs listed on our website. The information presented on our website is based on statistics and personal experience only. Please keep in mind that all HYIPs investments are highly risky. We do not recommend you to invest more than you can afford to lose.
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